Please note the change of venue to Mara Mara Community Inc. Corner of Kathleen & Degance Sts.

Tamworth Spiritualist Church…

Founded on 29th August 1999 by Rev. Mandy Coles, the Tamworth Spiritualist Church has been a journey of love. After moving to Tamworth from Sydney Mandy saw a need within the community for a place where spiritually minded people could gather and enjoy each other's company whilst being free to praise their Source, Light, Higher Being in their own way.

So this little gathering began in the Coledale Community Centre Function Hall here in Tamworth. As the word spread our numbers grew to where we now enjoy an average of 40 friends returning each month.

We are lucky enough to have a number of willing speakers, clairvoyants & healers who donate their time each month. We also enjoy a very extensive book & tape library for our members and are privileged to have a number of people who help out each month with our afternoon teas and the setting up duties. So our thanks to all our members.

As with all things change is inevitable and in September 2006 our gathering moved its venue to the Tamworth Community Centre in Darling Street, where we are embracing our new environment and developing new ideas.

Each month we offer spiritual healing, an address, various ways with clairvoyance and songs of upliftment, all ways to lighten the spirit and ease the burdens of the day. Meeting up with friends over afternoon tea and developing new friendships is hopefully an accomplishment of our little gathering each and every month.

Since 2006, we have run a number of Psychic Fairs & reading days here in town to help raise funds for the Church Building Fund. It is one of the Churches aims to own its own building one day in the future. So far these events have been well patronized and enjoyed by those both visiting and working. 

In 2011 we took our church a step further foward by exploring incorporation, and as of June 2011 we became known as Tamworth Spiritualist Church Inc.

All in all this journey of love has taken many of us along on our paths towards our own growth. We have all experienced, laughed, cried, enjoyed & made many new friends from daring to take that first step. Long may we continue to embrace & renew the true qualities which make us all perfect sparkles of Divine Energy, creating & learning as we pass through this life touching the hands of all we meet. Thankyou for taking the time to read about us, Blessings to you…